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Local Marketing Masters
  •  Looks great but i don't have a video does that matter? 
  •  IfIt is not an issue at all, if you have a video already that is great it will speed up the process however for a small cost i can have a video made by the team i use, the videos are of fantastic quality. 
  • I can hear your from the Uk so does your service only work there?
  •  Not at all i work with people all over the world and being a super geek i can be contacted 14 hours a day via email\phone\skype and Facebook.
  •  How long does it take to see results?
  •  This is not like "standard" SEO if you DON'T have a video then what happens is you provide (i can help) a script for the video once this is done i send of for the video to be made... This takes 2-3 days, once i have the video back the ranking process only takes 1-3 DAYS i built the software that does all this magic and results (rankings) happen fast! If you have a video the process takes 1-3 days.
  •  Ranking on the front page of Google that easy? how do i know your legit?
  •  I have so issue showing you some rankings in your area! and showing you i am the real deal before we make any kind of deal All payments are backed by Paypal Buyer protection.
  •  It all sounds great but the service must cost a bomb!
  •  I know it's all about a good ROI to give me some idea, me landing you 1 client a month is more then enough to cover the service cost.. i make sure you gain a good ROI every month to make sure you stay with me for the long term, the service is very cost effective.
  •  Ok sounds great so what is next?
  •  Fill out the form on the page, and i will do some "Homework" and make sure there is a solid ROI to be made. I will then reach out to you with my findings.

Dean, CEO

Dean is the head marketing masters at this studio. He is a ninja doing all the seo, ppc, and facebook buys...
Local Marketing Made Easy!

So let me ask you a question.. 

how many more sales\clients\leads do you think you will gain if you had a video commercial ranking on the front page of Google for ALL searches people make regarding your products or services you provide? 

(watch the video for live case study)

 yep I am talking about 1000’s of keywords, I make sure regardless of what somebody types in regarding your services or products Your video is there!

Fill out the form below so i can do some "homework" on the services you provide in the area's you cover.

 You gaining just one new client a month more then covers my fee's in most cases.

 I make sure that you gain a HUGE ROI each month and that is what REALLY counts.
Have a video commercial
Your Video Showing for 1000's of Google Search terms
Get New Clients
I help get your phone ringing with people that are LOOKING for your service.
It's About ROI
Get calls within days NOT months i make sure you see a positive ROI each month
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